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- Book "Lord of Transformation" (as of 2012)

A true-to-life autobiography of Ivo Sasek, which proves that things being way too difficult for people, are just simple for the Lord of transformation. A suspenseful book with a strong evangelistic character. Now with update of 2012: You are in the unique position to experience the continuation. See how it has continued with Ivo Sasek, his family and the international family relief. Quite current, up to December 2012…

- Book “Teach me, Lord!”

A fundamental teaching aid with simple, understandable and practical teachings for the Christian walk in everyday life. It may be viewed as a continuation to the book “Professing Faith or Living by Faith?” and may be especially useful to those Christians, who are longing for a more consistent and steadfast Christian life. (213 pgs.)

- Book "The Knowledge of God"

To know God does not mean to accumulate knowledge about God, but to touch Him, to become more and more one with Him in your being. This writing shows us from three perspectives, how and under what conditions we can become one with God. The reader may find brand new aspects in the interpretation of the Tabernacle.

"Israel - Shadow or Reality?"

“For you (Jews and Gentiles) have not come to a mountain that may be touched. ... But you have passed over (literally) to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem ...” (Heb. 12:18,22) This book thoroughly examines, in theological depth, the meaning of this scripture passage in its practical consequence. It establishes an order in the relationships between Israel, the Church, and God’s kingdom. Result: Neither Israel fanaticism nor replacement theology (the doctrine

- Book "The Kingdom of God in the Midst of Cooking and Laundry"

“Sermons and teaching is not my calling – thank God; I could never do that!”, I thought to myself. But I could back out from that so easily… Because there is a sermon with the everyday walk, an illustration of the word of God that one has heard in the practice. “Yes, there my heart is beating, that is my assignment!”

Book "Abraham’s Faith"

The faith of Abraham reminds us of the big secret that acceptance of all situations in life in trusting in God, always brings more power of change within itself, than a rejection in strong faith or in manipulation. Scripture will have achieved its goal with us, when it is no longer we who make history with God, but rather when God makes history with us again.

Book "Rest On Every Side"

Rest on every side talks about a common life, which stands successfully above all problems and has them under a common control. We have been experiencing as a large family for years that this is possible in the practical everyday life. Rest on every side over everyone, who don’t just hear this word, but who also put it into practice!

- Book "The Roaring Sea"

“I am the Lord, and there is no other. The One forming light and creating darkness, causing well-being and creating calamity; I am the Lord who does all these things.” (Is. 45:6b-7) Causes – effects and ways of escape out of the tribulations of this age.

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